Lets Examine Ourselves

The main reason people do not share the Gospel is they have never been shown how, they have never been equipped. Pastors need to equip their congregations. This has to be done by the example of the Pastor or Evangelism Leader. This means going out with them and showing them how to Share the Gospel. This is what Jesus did and what the disciples did.

Please go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJWBE6Jwhic&list=PLZvKclwwPNTTAgt_bf_4G7DcTmRA87ETG&index1 to see what I mean.

We read in the Bible about what Jesus and His disciples lived. They believed or should I say knew they had eternal life. This is why we are living in this world. As Christians the only reason to be alive is to share the Gospel with others and to grow in our connection with God, Jesus and His Holy Spirit. Please understand if you are not sharing Jesus with others, if you are not sharing the Good News that Jesus came to earth with the intention of giving forgiveness to all who allow Him, if we live in the world and only place our minds and hearts on Jesus on Sunday. Then I truly believe we are fooling ourselves in thinking we are Christians. We are fooling ourselves in thinking we are believers. If someone is a believer in Jesus and what He said, they know they have eternal life and that they will be in Heaven for eternity, and it would be impossible not to tell everyone about His Free Gift of eternal life.

I would love to talk to you more about this. My Phone number is 410-259-0363. And email is vvarriale@eeworks.org.


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