While in Argentina

I have been asked more than once “where do you get all that energy?” or “why are you so happy all the time” well I have been thinking about it, and here are some life experiences that have given me faith and these gifts.

I moved to Argentina in 1976. Mrs. Peron was running the county at the time. It was a difficult time, with a lot of unrest. I flew into Buenos Aries and was picked up at the airport by a young man whose name was Steven Colon, he was from Porto Rico. He was the only person I could speak to in English for a year; needless to say we became great friends.
While living in Argentina I was arrested and put in jail 13 times. One of those times was while I was living in Salta Argentina. I was out with another volunteer and we were on a university college campus. We had been talking to some students about Jesus and heaven when a van pulled up and a few officers jumped out and pushed us into the van. In the past we had other experiences with the military police in other towns before, but this was different, more forceful, angry language, and general abuse was taken. When we arrived at the police station they took all our belongings and put us in a small 5 by 8 cell which had no windows. We where concern and even a little scared as this had never happened before, on the other occasions we were in normal cells and only for an hour or two. They keep us in this dark cell for about 8 hours with no attention at all. We had become very hungry and we started to pray. We asked Jesus to move in the hearts of the officers. Another hour past and I had to change my position on the hard cold cement floor so I reached back a foot or so and I felt something warm touching my hand? I moved my hand back away from it quickly. I told Steven that I had felt something and I had no idea what it was? After a few minutes I rustled up enough courage to reach out and touch it again. It was warm but was rapped with paper of some kind? The cell was so dark that we had no idea what it was.
I pulled it close to me and picked it up, and to my surprise found that it was a warm chicken sandwich. We had not heard a sound, no light had shone in the cell at all, and nobody had talked to us at all for the whole time we were in the cell. We had no idea were the chicken sandwich had come from, and till this day I still do not understand what happened. All I can say is that it tasted like chicken and we didn’t get sick after eating it. They let us go in the morning.

These are a few of the words that come to mind when I think about Jesus’ love for each of us: Perfect. Free. Unconditional. Everlasting. His love is perfect. It is the only thing in the world that is absolutely perfect. There are a lot of things that are nice, beautiful, and wonderful, but nothing is perfect like His love. We live in an imperfect world, with imperfect humans, in imperfect conditions, but His love is what makes it possible for us to weather everything that life brings our way. He is perfect, and so is His love. His love is free. It’s not something that we have to work for, or earn, or somehow prove that we’re worthy of. That’s a good thing, too, because we all sin and make mistakes. If we had to earn Jesus’ love, none of us would have it, because we’re all men and women of similar weaknesses and human frailties. Jesus, in His divine foresight and wisdom, knew this and chose to love us with no strings attached.
His love is everlasting. It’s not something that will be here one day and gone the next. Jesus’ love will not expire or fade. His love is unconditional. He doesn’t only love us through the good times.
He doesn’t just love us when we’re happy, progressing in the school of life, or making a positive difference in the lives of others. He loves us when we’re up and when we’re down. He loves us when we’re well and when we’re sick. He loves us when we do things worthy of His praise, and He loves us even when we do things that sadden Him. To think that there isn’t even one condition to His love is truly amazing! His love is everlasting. It’s not something that will be here one day and gone the next. Jesus’ love will not expire or fade. It can’t be stolen or forfeited. It doesn’t get old with the times or go out of style. It’s traditional and historic, but also modern and current. It’s always. Even before we knew Him, He loved us. He has loved us from the very beginning of time, and He will love us throughout eternity.
Being confident in how much Jesus loves you won’t just make you happier; it will be a stabilizing force in your life. When you are assured of His love for you, when you trust and believe in it, then that knowledge will steady and give you peace, even when you face disappointments, heartbreaks, difficulties, or anything else that life sends your way. His love is