Faith how God see’s it



What Jesus will say and is saying to you

God loves you, and you love Him. That’s what really matters. If you feel as if parts of you are fraying at the edges and other parts are crumbling here and there, but yet you’re still here and you can still look into Jesus’s eyes and say, “I love you,” then you have come through victoriously. He knows that you love Him. He knows that you trust Him as well.


He won’t only say, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant,” at the end of your days on earth. He whispers those words in the hearts and ears of each of His faithful children at the close of each year and at the beginning of another. If you are staying true and standing faithful at the close of another year in this weary world, this is a great milestone of faith and faithfulness to your calling. Each passing year represents millions of minutes, thousands of hours, and days upon days upon days of holding on in faith. There is great rejoicing and joy in heaven to see such faith that refuses to quit and refuses to surrender to weariness or to the pulls and cares of this life.


Each passing year is a significant step upward on the road of faith, whether or not you feel any different or more faith-filled. Jesus has called some of you to cross wide valleys. He has called some to cross continents. He has called some to cross mountain ranges. He has called others to cross deserts. Yet others are called to fight their way through great gorges. He has called still others to pass through deep waters. He has called some to pass through the fire. He has called some to cross wide stretches of dry, dusty open plains.

You have been called forward, no matter what your personal faith terrain has been. You have taken steps forward, because this year has demanded it of you. But you have passed over terrain that you will never have to cross again, and your spirit has been rewarded with the irreplaceable gift of greater faith.


Jesus will always come through for you. There’s no question about that. Just a little longer and you will experience the exhilarating reward of holding on and fighting by faith. To you who are weary and spent He will arise like the morning sun, and great shall be the reward of your faith!


Whenever you feel the cares and press of this life closing in on you, ask Jesus for a renewing of your perspective. Like a giant broom, He can help to sweep away any obstacles around you or in your spiritual space that are cluttering up your vision, and draw you closer to Him. He wants you to spend time with Him in the hallowed place, where just you and Jesus exist. You’ll be back in that beautiful center of your foundation of faith—His enduring love for you.


You will see the reward of your faith that Jesus promised you won’t have to wait until heaven. Many things you will have to wait for, but to you who have clung to Him and refused to let go, He promised special rewards for your faith that you will experience here on earth. The rewards that He gives you will be custom made, the gifts that will mean the most to you. As you walk the path of life, this is His way of saying thank you for holding on in faith.


Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. You have great faith, because you have obeyed Jesus’s words, you have clung to them, you have lived and implemented them, and you have esteemed the riches of heaven far greater than the riches of this world and the pleasures and ease of this life. You have the heavenly vision! You have great faith!

Every time you manifest faith, whether in small or big ways, it makes God so proud of you. His heart rejoices when you keep believing, even though you feel a little shaky or you’re having to step out in blind obedience, because those are the times when you are the most handsomely rewarded. Faith always pays off in dividends, both now and in the world to come.

But always, the biggest, best, and most beautiful rewards are saved for the next life, because God knows that’s where you will enjoy and appreciate them most. This life is temporal, so your enjoyment of good things on earth is temporal. But everything that He gives you in heaven is eternal, and you will have eternity to enjoy the rewards, blessings, and treasures that He gives you.

Gifts given within eternity mean more, because they last forever! And your faith, God’s love, is accumulating tremendous gifts, rewards, and blessings for you.


God’s promises to you are like gold bars, backing up the Bank of Heaven. They are solid, genuine. They never devalue, they never tarnish, they never disintegrate. They’re eternally valuable and always in demand. No matter how many times you draw on their value and worth, they remain intact, gleaming and beckoning to anyone who catches a glimpse of them. The more you use them and draw on their power, the more sought after they become. The more demand you place on them, the stronger they become.

Jesus has given you your own share of gold bars in the Bank of Heaven. Your faith activates His promises to you. There is so much more that His promises can do for you; they can work powerfully on your behalf.

Don’t let God’s good gold sit! Draw on it! Use it as collateral against anything that you need, and watch your faith grow!


Sometimes having and manifesting faith costs you a whole lot. God knows and see when something costs you so very much, and He blesses accordingly. When you give Him a gift of faith, or you place something dear to you on the altar by faith, He takes note of that.

When something is especially difficult for you, or when your heart breaks or aches over something you’re giving up, you can be assured that God will not only compensate your giving or loss, but that He will reward you over and above the amount you gave.

Once you arrive in heaven, you will truly feel that you have never made a sacrifice, because you will receive so much more than you ever gave up. It will be His pleasure to bring that beautiful, never-ending smile to your face on the day you arrive here to be with Jesus, and He gives you your rewards.

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