Just a personal note to all who are following me

God bless you in this New Year of 2016. Some of you are going through tough times, please let me know what you are going through and I will get your prayer needs out to our group.

For those of you who are living in a world that you don’t understand, let me know your situation and I will respond to you as the Lord leads, remembering that our Lord knows where each of us are and what type of eternity and eternal fruit each of us will bring to His Kingdom.

For those who are searching for His will for you life, I will tell you the the best we can do is bring others into the Kingdom of our eternal Heaven through the Love and mercy of our eternal King and Lord Jesus, who our eternal Father God gave to us.

If I missed someone please tell me and I will write a new message for you.

Happy New Year to all. I’m praying that we will bring thousands more to the Kingdom of our God through the Love of Jesus, in this New Year of 2016.

Love you all, we will come to know each other in Heaven. What a joyful day that will be.


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