Heaven and Hell what’s the difference

Are you a nonbeliever in Jesus? Or if a nonbeliever in Jesus was brought to you and he or she said will I go to hell for not believing in Jesus, I would say you don’t go to hell for not believing in Jesus but you go to hell because of your sins. It would be like saying you died because you didn’t go to the doctors, “no” you die because you have a disease. Now could you have prevented dying by going to a doctor? In this case Yes and the same is with Christianity, you can prevent dying the eternal dead by going to the eternal doctor Jesus. Jesus is the only one who paid the price for our sin. We can’t pay it ourselves because we continue to fall short of God’s perfection, His Perfect standard of love. We continue to sin.

Jesus is the only one who told us that He has paid the penalty of our sin, if we let Him. He said in John 14:6 I am the way, the truth and the life. No man/woman can come to the Father but by Me. Think of this, if you don’t want Jesus now you will not want to be with Him for eternity. Therefore a person chooses to go to hell. God will not force you into Heaven against your will. The assumption is that everyone wants to go to Heaven, that’s not true. Who’s in Heaven, Jesus is in Heaven and He doesn’t want you to be there unless you want to be there, He will in no way force you to come to Heaven.

Now we have 2 chooses. We can believe Jesus or not. If we choose to ignore Him and not believe Him then we will stand before God and He will bring it to your attention on how many times you fell short of what He wanted for you. He will show you how many times you fell short of His amazing love. Let’s say it’s only 3 times a day. You get mad at someone or say something that puts someone down or you think a bad thought or a thought that is not God, or someone is driving badly and you say or think something. Etc. if that is multiplied by a year its 1095 sins and multiplied by a life time its 76,650 sins, and that’s only 3 sins a day. Most of us commit much more sin than that. This is why we cannot spend eternity with our Creator without clearing ourselves of sin. God will not let sin into Heaven; it’s really rebellion and He already through Satan out of heaven for that. But if we ask Him for forgiveness God through Jesus forgives us. If when we fall short of God’s love we admit it and ask for forgiveness, that’s all He asks. Therefore we go from people, who rebel because we don’t want to admit our falling short of God’s love, to people who are growing in the love of God.

Some people say, Hell won’t be so bad? Think of it, God is not in hell so there will be no love, kindness, Joy, relationships hope for the future, there is none of that, only selfishness and separation from God and others.

What do you choose?



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