Please Vote

I received this from a Missionary a few days ago. What do you think?

Dear Christian Brothers and Sisters,

Would God anoint an immoral, violent man as King?  Read the story of Ahab, Jezebel, and Jehu in I Kings 21, 2 Kings 9, and 10: 29-33 to find out.  You will discover that Ahab was a significantly wicked man, only surpassed in wickedness by his wife, Jezebel.  Jehu himself was immoral and violent, but God chose him to overthrow Jezebel. I believe this is our situation in the 2016 election.   Bill and Hillary Clinton compared to Ahab and Jezebel, and Donald Trump to the wild man Jehu.  Among two evils, which do you choose?  Hillary’s ethics are deplorable. Trump’s treatment of women is disgusting.  Politically, he is a question mark, but not so with Hillary Clinton.  We know what she will do.  She has said she will appoint activist liberal Supreme Court justices. What choice will you have then, when five liberal justices rule the land?  Pause and consider that. We have an easier choice now. God has chosen sinful men before to do His will.  I believe He is doing it again with Donald Trump.  But please read on.

The answer to the dangers America faces is for the faithful followers of Jesus to share Him with their friends, family, neighbors, and associates.  Jesus says, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” (Matt. 4:19)  You cannot escape the logic- to follow Jesus is to win souls. Dr. James Kennedy used to say, “You are either a missionary or a mission field.”  Which is it?

Perhaps you don’t know how to witness for Christ?  A counselor once told me, “If something is worth doing, it is worth doing poorly.” Do it, even if poorly.  You say you are afraid?  We’re all afraid. Jesus gave His Spirit, to give us “power…to be witnesses” (Acts 1:8). His Spirit in you is courageous.  Do the right thing in spite of your fears.

We must pray.  If you agree, please pray this prayer with all your heart…

“Dear Father, we are a sinful Church and we do not deserve your mercy. Over 95% of us have been silent about Jesus.  No more.  With Your help, I, _____________________ for one, will daily share Jesus with whomever will listen.  As to America, please remember the millions of lives we have sacrificed to defeat evil at home and abroad.  Please remember the tens of thousands of missionaries we have sent to tell the nations about Jesus. Do not put out the light of this great Constitutional Republic, the United States of America.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.
PS. If you share these sentiments, please forward this email to all your believing friends.

Stand of faith

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