Woe unto me if I preach not the Gospel

I am heart broken that brothers who have been trained in Evangelism are not reaching out to make sure others are trained in Evangelism too. As for me I will continue to reach out to train as many Fishers of men as I possibly can in my lifetime. I truly believe that when Jesus says well done My good and faithful servant, that He will be saying this to men and women that followed Him. This means 1. In prayer 2. In study of His Word 3. In worship Him 4. In Fellowship with other Christians and 5. In sharing the Gospel with others.
Sad to say VERY FEW Christians do number 5, therefore will not hear those wonderful words from Jesus.. They will not hear Jesus say well done.
I’ve seen it time and time again that when brethren stop uniting with those who truly share the Gospel, they too stop sharing the Gospel. They fall back and only feed themselves spiritually and leave God’s Harvest. It breaks my heart but it will NOT stop me. Praise the Lord.

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