Up from the grave 

Without the resurrection of Jesus the Christian faith is for nothing. If Jesus did not rise 3 days after being crucified and buried then the Christian faith is for nothing. I guess you can say being Christian leads us to be good people, but anyone can strive to be good. You don’t have to be a Christian to be good. A Christian is someone who knows that there is life after death and that there will be a judgement. We will have to account for what we have lived. There’s not one person who has not done something bad, in fact there’s not one person who has not done many things bad in the course of life. We have been born into a  Sinful world.

When we as humans understand that God knowing humans had fallen from grace, fallen from true Spiritual life with Him, He came to earth in the form of a baby so we could see and hear Him, then He lived a perfect life and died on the cross. When we realize who Jesus is and how He sent His Spirit into all the world desiring that we receive Him. When we ask Him to come and be with us and in us, He does. Jesus said in Revelations 3 verse 20. We are born again Christians, born not only in this flesh but also the second birth of the Spirit. As said in JOHN 3. 

UP FROM THE GRAVE https://app.backtothebible.org/en/messages/1220?orgid=399 via @Beyond Sundays

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