God’s slow to anger

God’s slow to anger, because He knows we are but dust. God is eternal, all knowing and the Father in heaven to those who choose to receive His forgiveness. He has always loved His creation, but has never forced us to love and follow Him. This is Who He is, a loving Creator Who wants us to choose Him. Without freedom of choice we would be no more than robots. God and Jesus through Their Holy Spirit created this world and us to allow all eternity to see how His love is given freely but has to be chosen. Separation from Him (which is called Hell) is the other option we as humans can take. God never sends anyone to Hell they choose to reject God and there’s no other place to go. Jesus came to earth to demonstrate how we as humans should try to live, and then died to take away all the mistakes (or sins) we make.

Finally when we make mistakes like lying, stealing, saying hurtful things, getting angry even thinking bad thoughts, all God wants us to do is ask for forgiveness (repent) both to Him and to the ones we hurt. Becoming like Jesus is something we aspire to be and this takes a lifetime.

There is really only one day in the life of anybody that counts. Days of births, baptism, graduation, career, marriage, and retirement are all important, of course. But the critical day, the only true acceptable day, is the day of salvation which is the day when we sincerely ask Jesus Christ to forgive us for our sins.

My desire is to help prepare congregation​s ​to share about the grace of God through Christ ​. We show them how to ​lovingly, relationally, and intentionally bring others to know Jesus.

​The day of salvation is the only day in life that truly counts for all of eternity. Our goal is to assist congregations to know how to articulate the Gospel, and articulate it with joy, so they, then, can be Jesus’ witnesses to others. Evangelism Explosion offers training tools across all generations that provide not only the Gospel message but methods of delivery that make sense to each and all generations. For more information, please contact me Evg. Vince Varriale 410-259-0363 or email me:  vvarriale@eeworks.org

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