God wants to walk with us

When God created man and woman they were living in the Garden of God, walking with God and eating from the tree of life. In Gensis 2:22 God took them out of the Garden so they would not live forever in a life of rebellion against Him.
They introduced death into this world, when they rebelled against God by eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. This means they were choosing what they thought was good and evil, over what God knows is good and evil.
This world is in that same state of being now. The majority of the world is choosing what they think is good and evil instead of reading God’s Word, the Bible. This is evident by all we see happening in the world today.
Jesus Christ, Who was God living in the body of a man, came to earth to live a perfect life, and He showed us how to come back to God.
We need to turn around, repent, and come back to God, receive the forgiveness of  all our rebellious ways, by asking Jesus to remove them, read His Word and come back to God. Then we will be back where we started at creation in Gensis. DESTROYED https://app.backtothebible.org/en/messages/644?orgid=399 via @Beyond Sundays


  1. I’m so thankful for you Hayley. It’s going to be wonderful meeting you in Heaven. See you at the Marriage supper of the Lamb, Jesus. Hugs in Him…


  2. I thank you so much for your nomination. I’m amazed at the mercy that God has had on me. He continues to show me His kindness and love, not that I deserve it in anyway. If my life experiences and thoughts helps someone know how much He loves them, I’m truly grateful, as this is all I strive to do.


  3. I have nominated you for a Liebster award because I love your blog! Please don’t feel obliged to participate if you don’t want to. Hayley 😊http://redletters.life/2017/08/22/thank-you-for-my-liebster-award-nomination/

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    • Thank you so much. Know that I have seen much in my 67 years on this earth, but the more I live the more I know that I’m unworthy to be called God’s son, but I am because Jesus has paid the price. He took all my sins away 45 years ago. Jesus is so perfect and I’m clean through His sacrifice on the cross. I’m so excited, when I think that I will be with Him on that great and wonderful wedding day of the Lamb. Looking so forward to it, but at the same time, I will lift Him up till the day He comes back for me. Praise the Name of Jesus forever.

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