Prayer in times of trouble

Hurricane Harvey and now Hurricane Irma displaced tens of thousands from their homes in the city of Houston and Louisiana. Now, Hurricane Irma is poised to bring similar destruction to the Caribbean and the southeastern United States.

E.M. Bounds states that “prayer in times of trouble brings comfort, help, hope and blessings that while not making the trouble disappear, enables believers to handle it better and ultimately submit to the sovereign will of God.”

Prayer opens our eyes to see God’s hand and hope in the midst of trouble. It is only when a person finds Christ as Savior and Sustainer that genuine and lasting hope can invade the human heart and the healing for the soul is made possible. So let us all join our voices, hearts and minds in praying for our fellow Americans.

It is often in tragedy when God does some of His greatest works through the efforts of His Church. In tragedy, people’s hearts and souls are open to the incredibly hopeful message of the Gospel. Let’s pray that the Gospel may go out and be heard.

Thank you so much for praying.

Dr. Darrell L. Farney
EE USA Prayer Coordinator

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