JOY, what is it and how do we get it?

Just imagine after the Resurrection that an angel comes up to Jesus and says, “Jesus, this is wonderful! You have paid the price for mankind’s sin. What are You going to do to let the whole world know that they can be saved and they won’t have to perish and spend an eternity without God? What is Your plan? How are You going to do it?”

And Jesus replies by saying, “Well, My few disciples are going to tell people, who in turn will tell other people, who are going to tell other people, who are going to tell other people.”

Puzzled, the angel then asks, “Well, do You have a backup plan?” And Jesus says, “No.” Still confused, the angel asks, “Well, no offense, Lord, but what if they fail?” Jesus replies by saying, “I have confidence in them.”

My friend, there is no Plan B. God has no backup plan. You and I are it! We are Plan A! The problem is, too many Christians today do not have God’s priority as their priority.

(This is what we do at Evangelism Explosion Click HERE to see what I mean)

I am so truly thankful that God has called me to be an ambassador for Him on earth. What a privilege. Just think how all the world ambassadors feel like, I am sure they feel important. So I feel even more important being an ambassador of the King of Kings, Lord of Lords and our Creator. Amazing… I do not feel worthy but I am overwhelmed with joy.  As someone told me, once the formula for joy is, Jesus than others than you. When we live this truth, we can not help but be full of JOY.

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