I cannot think of any enemies at this time in my life. I had enemies in the past though. I had an experience of blowing up on a person who would not let us out of a house contract while on mission in Posadas Argentina, even when I showed him the 43 dead scorpions I killed. The mission home had 9 children and 8 adults who could have been strung and killed or would live in severe pain. He was becoming an enemy. The Lord told me I needed to go to him and tell him I was sorry for blowing up on him. I fought doing it for a few days but when I did the hate that was dominating me was lifted off of me. When Jesus told us to love our enemies He knew that by doing so we would accomplish two things. 1. We would cleanse ourselves of hate and the many things that come with hate. 2. We would show the love of God that can change any life.

Not easy to do but the truth.

https://app.backtothebible.org/en/messages/321?orgid=399 via @Beyond Sundays

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