Learning from Jonah’s life experience.

Jonah was angry because Nineveh repented and God did not destroy it.

The question is, have we ever been angry at something we thought was not right even when the outcome was God’s perfect will.

In all aspects of life there are many things we feel are unjust so the next question we need to ask ourselves is; Is God in control of all things?

When I reflect on this, knowing this life is a vapor that appears a short time then vanishes, but eternity never ends. (James 4:14, John 3:16) When we see life in this light, we can and should be comforted knowing all who trust in God’s gift through Jesus will live with Him for eternity, no matter what happened in this temporal world.

My prayer is: Lord help me to learn by the life experience of Jonah. There have been and even are times now when I think things happen to me and others in things that I question, instead of seeking You Jesus, to see what You are doing so I can joint You and become Your hands and feet. Help me to trust that the final outcome will be for Your eternal Glory. To trust that You know all things and that all things are to be seen with Your eternal view. 1 Corinthians 10:31, Colossians 3

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  1. Nineveh was the capital city of Assyria. It was a mean country. When they kidnapped the leaders of other countries, they skinned them alive. The interesting thing about Jonah is that, when all this happened, the Assyrian king was a teenager who had been sheltered and didn’t know a whole lot about his country or how to rule yet. He was, at least, in the beginning, a gentle young kind. I guess God used Jonah to touch the heart of that gentle young king, an oasis in the midst of a cruel monarchy.

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