Last Prayer of 2018 / Pray for 2019

Last Prayer of 2018 / Pray for 2019by #hhhighFather ,

We say thank you. You are holy and perfect. You were the one of the best friend of mine in 2018 and still you will be one of the best friend of mine in 2019. I pray your will be done. I pray your heart be revealed to me in a new way. Wash me with your blood again , Oh Lord you are beautiful. Let your eyes look after me here. You are not somewhere far away. You are close to me by your Spirit. Holy Spirit speak to me in this new year. I am here by your Grace. I know, and I believe I am not here by an accident. This is my prayer for last day of the 2018. I confess all my sin to you! I step confidently in a new chapter of my life, redeemed and freed of any condemnation from anyone, anywhere. I have a new mindset of Christ with ability walk free in 2019.Bless me with your words. Change me with your words. Shape me with your words. I am not here to pray for myself only , I am here to pray for the people around me , for the loved ones , for those still do not know you yet! I am here to pray for strength in 2019 , I am here to pray for your unending love and limitless power that covers me throughout the year. Be around me Lord , Your protection defend me when I am weak. Lift me up when I fall down, breath in me your spirit and given me a fresh start to begin again. You know I am only a human. But, you are proud of this human and made him higher then angels in your presence. You made him greater then all creatures in all the world.Oh Christ.I found my identity in you.I know ,myself, when I am with you. Isn’t your promise to be with me all the way to the end? Isn’t your promise that your love never be ended and I would be never separated of this love?In sickness and in health- let my lips and heart give you praise. A year you shown me how faithful you are – even may I have not felt it- but your hands truly worked in my life. I felt that I am not alone here! Even my whole flesh tired – was not willing to know anything about higher then myself , your angels assured me , YOU ARE ! You are there for me, Your peace there for me that I may know you are in Control in Chaos of my life. In Jesus Name , I pray you hear me I will continue to do that. I reached to Calvary to see How great you are. I ‘ve seen how good you are.Oh God, You are so good. Sweeter then any honey!Pray for HealingFather , I pray for those need your healing touch , oh Holy Spirit I pray right now any sickness leave their body and a great testimony will be told and your name be glorified. Thank you Jesus for healing , Thank you Father , Thank you Holy Spirit.Pray for Protection Lord , I pray for those need your protection , Oh God cover them with your blood as they trust in you. Keep them safe from any attack of enemy in Jesus Name thank you for that in advance.Pray for Provision Jesus , You are the God of provider , I see the new things will be provided for those they are reading this right now. Financial need will be met , Emotional need will be met , In the Name of Jesus all things from your unending source will be met – as long as they call upon your name and love and trust you oh Lord you will provide from your heaven.Pray for Singles , Marriages , Relationships..Holy Spirit , I pray for those like me  they are singles and looking for a love that be based on your love. They are look for a helper. I pray oh Lord according to your word this year 2019 be a year of surprise, a year God given gift be revealed to them. A godly person be met. Lord I know you have the best in store for the singles. Oh Jesus , also I pray for those marriages , mend it if it is needed , grow it in Jesus Name , Let their marriages be healthy , heavenly and holy in your name and eliminate in obstacle on the way Lord by your strength. The best relationship is the one that put your first in all , I pray for that.Pray for Others..Lord , they are not “others: , they are made in your image , They are our family , our friends and people around us, You love them more that they come and know you more Jesus. Save their souls. Give them visions and dreams. I belong to you alone , from the moment you designed me in my  mother’s womb you had a great plan for me. You purpose comforts me on the earth. You Spirit softer then any flowers. Pour out a rain of freshness over me, Prepare my heart for greater things ahead, for a new miracle , for a new thing from your unsearchable treasure.Ha ha ha My God is good. Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength( in 2019) – Nehemiah 8:10 Much LoveDariush Youkhaneh

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