WOMANHOOD AND THE WISDOM OF GOD Sermon notes by David Platt

Proverbs 31:10-31

Amidst a Confused Culture (and Church)…

Characteristics of the Christ like Woman… W.O.M.A.N.

  • W = She is wise
    Because she fears God, her value cannot be fathomed, her future has no fear and her beauty will never fade
  • O = She honorably oversees her home
    Her husband trust her. She promotes his good and protects his reputation.  She lays down her life so they might live
  • M = She is mighty in her work
    • She has willing and skillful hands with an innovative and
      Industrious spirit. She has a sharp mind and a strong body.
  • A = She is attractive in all the right ways
    • Her words are kind and her works are admirable.
    • Her dress is tasteful and her demeanor is delightful.
  • N = She is neighbor to the needy
    She gives generously and serves sacrificially.
    She trusts God’s Word, and God affirms her worth.
  • I dedicate this to my wife Susie
  • Women: Be and become Christ like women.
  • God’s  grace   covers your past, empowers your present, and  guarantees your future.
  • Married men: Love and nurture Christ like wife.
  • Single men: Pray for and seek out a Christ like wife.
  • Church: Praise Christ like women as we promote Christlikeness in women.

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