From Misery To Victory!

We need Mercy for our misery. We need everyday ” a turn ” to get to the Victory.

He is Holy, but I am not. I need to be washed into the” Holy Pool ” of the Lord. Holiness is a journey , a road between misery to victory. It is a sanctified Journey of backing Home. It is a turn, a change of the way.

We ‘ve bitten the offered apple but we are not forsaken forever! We might be taken the Amos road but the Lord is opening our eyes. We might ran away from God’s voice but we choose to return and bless his name.

He is a good good Father! Waiting / counting the moment for me to return Home. I am going deeper in Him. I want to take the Journey of Holiness , reach him where a little above His angels are. I want to be brave enough to confess of all my mess! And change my mindset , change my whole way of living and seeing of this life I am in. I want to glorify Him in my act , in my speech , in my coming and going. As I am waiting with all my being for His returning! Washing my self with the Blood of Jesus.


I live for Him. He died for me. Why? That I can take the chance of this Journey. Not leaning on my emotions or imaginations. But , truly living in the Truth of living God , Jesus Christ. That’s the place I really realise I need change , I need love others deeply. The kind of Love not defined by Human terminology, but standing on the rock , heavenly Love.

Do you really want come out of your misery and be in the journey ? don’t worry you are not alone I am with you! I am there , we all there , there is no one perfect. Just do your part , You are who you are , created by God’s image! The change of Heaven slowly comes in , not by force but softly by His Spirit. Come, lets go this journey together. There is a lot trouble ahead. Lets take the peace. Lets take the Faith. Lets take the hope and love of God and Believe for a miracle. I truly believe yours and my miracle is on the way as we Trust. you don’t need to understand, Just need to Trust and believe.

I am thanking my God for your Life. For our Life. For his forgiveness , I m thanking Jesus.

I choose to return to Him. Do you?

Written By

Dariush Youkhaneh

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