Anyone who calls themselves Christians

We too should be reaping His valuable Harvest, but His Church is too busy feeding themselves while the world goes to hell. I’m praying that all our Church members wake up and to see that they will be so ashamed for not sharing His eternal gift with others. It takes getting out of your comfort zone and opening our mouths to proclaim Jesus to everyone. People cannot read your mind even when you are doing things for them and giving them things. Most of the time they are thinking how nice you are or how nice the religion you believe in is, but they still do not understand what Jesus did unless you open your mouth and tell them. The Holy Spirit will give you the words to speak. I can guaranty when we stand in front of God in the great white judgement, Jesus will show us who He Lead us to, when He Lead us to them and the result that could have been eternally.  We are Farmers in His harvest field


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