Notes on Giving in Luke 16 1-13

Lord Jesus keep us clear and directed by Your Holy Spirit to use what You have given us for Your Glory. Help us to invest in Your Kingdom.

Money and material things themselves for not bad. In fact, they can be used for good, just don’t love stuff as much or more than God.

1. We are all accountable for how we manage what God has entrusted us. Everything we have belongs to God, we just manage it. Ps 24:1 Deuteronomy 8: 17-18 tells us that God gave you the ability to make money.

2. Sometimes unbelievers are wiser with their money than Christians. This is saying that we are not earning money to be used to build God’s Kingdom. You need to be smarter.

3. Our good management of money can be a testimony to unbelievers. When they see that we get ahead, we invest into works that are reaching the world for God’s Kingdom. Being wise and generous with our money can even be a testimony to the world and could bring someone to Jesus.

4. God entrusts much to those who are faithful with little. God watches how we manage what He has given us, if we are using it for His glory, He will give us more.

5. Make God your master and money your servant. 1Tim. 6:10. Earn all you can, save all you can, and give all you can. Invest into the kingdom of God because it is all we can take with us. It is what we will have when we get to heaven.

Notes taken from pastor Gary at Cornerstone Chapel in Virginia

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