Vince’s Newsletter September 2022

                    Testimony to God’s grace and mercy

I was blessed to share our Lord’s Gospel with quit a few people this month, here are a few testimonies.          

 Frank and Dustin with Life Changers Outreach were selling T-shirts at Home Depot. After talking about their mission, I asked for their testimonies. Frank and Dustin were both strung out on drugs before joining their mission to reach other drug addicts. I asked the two diagnostic questions. They did not know if they were getting into heaven and did not know what they’d say to God. It is great to say they have assurance now.

While waiting for items at the Home Depot I shared the Gospel with Jamie and Conor. Both said they were getting into heaven but neither knew what they would say to God if He asked why He should let them in. They know now.

Paul at T-Mobile helped me fix another problem with my phone. When he finished, he asked if I had any other questions (I love when they ask that) 😊 After sharing the full Gospel, Paul prayed to receive Jesus and thanked me profoundly

Mentoring young men and women

Dan and I have been making calls to pastors every week together. We have re-connected with these churches; Inverness Church, Kingdom Glory Church, Sunshine Fellowship, Middle River Church and Kendall Baptist Church. All said they want to re-ignite their efforts to get their members into the harvest.

Trent is in Charleston, SC. He is now Dr. Trent. He is working his way into his new job, and he loves it. We are planning to do Evangelism training once he is settled. Curlene and Trent are going through the book of Acts with me.

Jermaine said he spoke to Pastor Jeffers and we’re hoping to be able to take EE to the ICLC fellowship of churches once we can establish it at Christian Covenant Ministries. Jermaine has names of persons who want to learn Everyday Evangelism (EV2). He is waiting on a date. He said they also have a considerable list of names of willing prospects for the On-The-Job-Training.

Please assist me with continuous prayers for these churches

7th District A.M.E. Churches South Carolina EV2 training Pastor Corinthia Stack, and Pastor Melissa Green, district Pastors of the 7th district of A.M.E. churches. Who are certified will be leading the district pastors and churches through Evangelism Explosion (EE) training with me. Thank you for sponsoring me. I need you.

New York churches, The Revival Center Pastors Manifold and Yhun, Living Water Blazing Fire Ministries Pastor Albert Pollard and Christian Covenant Ministries Pastor Frederick Jeffers. 

 We truly need support now more than ever to get this new field open. If you are not currently a donor, will you please consider making a tax-deductible contribution, and becoming a monthly donor. You may give through Evangelism Explosion International, P. O. Box 753 Arden, NC 28704-0753. Specify FUND #1697; Or give it at  If you have queries, contact Natalie Boone at 828-214-5681 or email her at Call me, I’d love to share more: Cell phone 410-259-0360  

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