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My journey

Before I received eternal life, I worked hard trying to set myself up financially. I had lots of friends and I wanted to be accepted by them. I thought by being a part of the crowd I would find joy and love, that I would fill the loneliness I had inside, but it didn’t. I felt my life had no meaning.

After finishing my time in military service. I was using the Navy benefits to go to school. I was also working 2 jobs. One day I met 3 traveling missionaries in a laundry mat. They were traveling from Chicago, and were sharing about God’s love for humanity. After talking with them for 3 hours they told me that they had to go and find a place to stay the night. I told them they could stay at my place and they accepted. They stayed with me for three weeks. I would go to work and school, and they would go and share the Gospel. When I got home we would eat dinner together then we’d read the Bible together. After the three weeks they told me they had to go back to Chicago. On the day they were to leave I ask if I could go with them. They called the Christian community outreach where they were stationed and asked if they could bring me with them. They were told that they could, so I quit my jobs, and school, sold all I had and left to go to Chicago.

My life changed the day I receive Jesus. I’m so thankful that Jesus called me and gave me the vision of His Kingdom.

After receiving eternal life and changing my life I received overwhelming love for God and for my fellow man.

Although I fight the old man everyday I know the Holy Spirit is with me, guiding me and leading me into all truth. I can see the world with the eyes of Jesus, and my heart desire is to reach out and share the love of God with others.

It amazes me to know that I will be in Heaven for eternity. Although I know I have not reached the perfect man status (smile : ) I know that even as imperfect as I am, I am loved by the Lord and that I will be with Jesus and our heavenly Father for eternity. 1 John 5:13 and John 14


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