Why do we have different gifts? How should we use them?

I am so thankful for the different gifts of the Holy Spirit.

ADMINISTRATION / RULING: If someone has the gift of ADMINISTRATION / RULING does this mean he/she does not need to tell others about Jesus?
APOSTLESHIP / PIONEERING: If someone has the gift of APOSTLESHIP / PIONEERING , does this mean they do not need to tell others about God’s saving grace as they continue in their calling?
DISCERMENT: Could DISCERMENT be use to see the need of someone in the body and also they can comfort them with the eternal peace of salvation?
EVANGELISM : I do have the gift of EVANGELISM as many others and we are driven not only to share the Greatest News the world could ever hear but also train others to do the same no mater what gift they have.
FAITH: Those with the gift of FAITH shine with the grace and love that they have received through Jesus, this should be used to encourage the church body and they should use it to tell others who are not in the church so they can be won for our Lord.
HOSPITALITY is something that all who are guided by the Holy Spirit will have again with the end result of helping the church and others to know that it is Jesus shining through them.
KNOWLEDGE: he gift of the KNOWLEDGE, the fear of God is the beginning of Knowledge, when we truly understand God sent His one and only Son to die on the cross, we know we must tell others both in the church and out of the church?
LEADERSHIP : True LEADERSHIP is a follower of Christ, They listen to the heart of Jesus and follow Him as they lead other to do the same, Matthew 28:19-22

EVERY GIFT OF THE HOLY SPIRIT HAS BEEN GIVEN TO GLORIFY GOD AND THE SON AND THE WHOLE HEAVENS REJOICE EVERYTIME SOMEONE IS SAVED. Leaders and Shepards should be out sharing the Gospel so their flocks would follow. If they did their churches would fill up. Everyone who have the GIFTS need to share the Gospel. The sad truth is very few are, this is the problem and why we see the world in the condition it is in. John Sorenson in his sermon today said while speaking to one hundred pastors in a convention, he asked them how do you plan to fulfill the Great Commision? (Please take the time to listen to it) Love you my brothers and sisters. Let’s get busy telling others about Jesus.

If every Christian would win one person to the Lord Jesus is a year the world Christian population would double. but the enemy has fooled the Christian body in thinking IT’S NOT MY GIFT! If we have the gift of salvation it is our gift to give.

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